For the month of May 2020!

Caramelized Onion & Potato

Fried and browned to sweet perfection for you onion lovers out there! Try yours today! Bakers doz -$18

*cooking instructions*

These hand crafted pierogi are already boiled and finished in Sunshine Coast Olive Oil.

Cook from fresh: Low - med heat with butter or oil till brown (no boiling required)

Cook from frozen: Straight into a fry pan with butter or oil ono low - med heat until brown

Potato & Cheddar Cheese 

"Our traditional"

Enjoy your traditional Ukrainian Pierogi. Double the size of your frozen grocery store variety, and stuffed full of 100% Canadian Cheddar Cheese and potato, you will won't leave the table hungry. These babies come with all the fixings (onions, bacon bits and chives (when in season)

Get a bakers doz today!

Add Butcher bacon to your cheese pierogi  for $2.00


Sun-dried Tomato -

 Cashew Cheese (V)

Full of tangy goodness, you will enjoy every. Last. Bite. 

Made with organic tomato cashew cheese. Comes with a home-made tomato pesto (Sunshine Coast Olive Oil infused with sun-dried tomato - our special blend!) and chives (when in season) Get a bakers doz toady!



Say what???  Why not have a stuffed  baked potato all wrapped up in the delicious crispy dough?! Why not have a couple? We use the Gibson's Butcher Double Smoked Bacon for this puppy. It is quickly turning into one of our best sellers, and you don't have to think very hard on why. Order a bakers dozen today!

Add cheese to your potato/bacon - $20/bakers doz


 Real Smoked Gouda 

Smokey and cheesy and stringy,  these are our new addition. They come chock-a-block loaded with smokey cheese straight from Fromagerie De Baie (from the Gibsons Public Market)  #fromageriedebaie. Grab a dozen (13) for your dinner tonight!


 Smoked Gouda - Cashew Cheese   (V)

Can you believe it? All the taste without the dairy. These pierogis are bursting with smoky goodness. We happily support Dancing Bear Kitchen with their Gouda Cashew Cheese. Order your bakers dozen today!


  Dancing Dilly

Cashew Cheese (V).        $18.00

Can you say Pickles! Chunks of crunchy

 pickles inside. Loaded with organic local

 dill cashew cheese, potato and then some

 more dill pickles. You can smell these a

 mile away. Try some today. Bakers doz

Ukrainian Cabbage Rolls 

Take & Bake 

Take home a pan of these traditional Ukrainian hand rolled cabbage rolls. Baba said "This is how you make'em!"

Each cabbage roll starts off as a big 'ol cabbage leaf, gets stuffed with sour cabbage, rice and veggies, (meat optional) topped with  tomato sauce, and jumps into the baking pan and eagerly waits to go to their new forever home.    

12 vegetaran cabbage rolls -$20.00

12 meat cabbage rolls - $25.00     


$20.oo Veggie

$25.00 with meat

Roasted Garlic & Potato (V)

Want to try something a little fun and different for your dinner? Local / Organic Garlic (when available) roasted in Sunshine Coast Olive oil. Whipped into a mouth watering fluffy ball of delight with potato. Bakers dozen.



Caramelized Onion              $18.00

& Potato (V)

Fried and browned to sweet perfection 

for you onion lovers out there! Try 

yours today! Bakers doz

Gluten-Friendly Piergoi

You Choose your flavour! We offer Traditional Cheddar, Onion & Potato or Roasted Garlic. Made to perfection every time!


          Rogi Bites                      $18/doz

Fluffy cheddar potato bites rolled in crispy butcher bacon, fresh garden chives & gluten free panko.

PS. these are humongous!


We pride ourselves on using fresh and organic ingredients as often as possible. 

We are committed to supporting local businesses, and take delight in promoting each local product we use. It's all about building our local community together!!


Skip the lines.  You can pre-order your delicious pierogis online on the contact page, or by calling. 

We Deliver on the Sunshine Coast,  or you can pick up in Gibsons daily at our commercial kitchen. 


My husband's 104 year old BaBa shared this recipe with her daughter, who shared it with me! It's a family tradition to make these wonderful creations. We have built on the original recipe to create new fun and mouth-watering pierogis.

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